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Tzu Chi University Science and Technology






The Five-Year Junior College of Nursing students receive training in the fundamental nursing care skills that required for all nursing professionals, and are eligible to take the national RN licensing exam upon graduation. The Two-Year Senior College of Nursing program is designed for students with training in the Five-Year Junior College of Nursing program, who desire to undertake an advanced nursing education to obtain a bachelor of nursing degree.
The health care related businesses need excellent management and leadership to be successful. As a Health Care Administrator, you may manage a single department or an entire health care facility. To facilitate clinical professional services and make effective decisions, health care administrators must understand basic business principles, and demonstrate strong leadership.
The Department of Radiological Technology and the Institute of Radiological Science maintain a strong commitment to new medical imaging technologies. We provide innovative programs blending an interdisciplinary core curriculum and ongoing clinical experience in radiological sciences. Following degree completion, students are also eligible to write the registry exam of radiation protection technologists and the physicists.
The aim of the Department of Information Technology and Management is to cultivate the development of highly skilled professionals who are ethical, innovative, and practical-minded. The curriculum is designed to provide students with both theoretical and practical expertise. After graduation, students can work in the industries of interactive multimedia design, VR, AR, user experience design, UAV applications, APP development, cloud network and medical care fields.
Our goal is to cultivate and nourish both humane and professional talents in Marketing and Distribution Management. This program is designed to integrate humane essences with the emphasis on sincerity, integrity, faith and honesty. In the third and fourth years of study, we offer specialized courses, including Consumer Behavior, Market Survey, Customer Relationship Management, Retail-Service Management, Supply Chain Management, and Case Studies.
The goal of two-year college of Long-term Care is to provide access to education and opportunity to work in Taiwan for the students from Southeast Asia countries. The two-year curriculum includes 80 credits of in-class courses and off-campus practicum. The objective of this program is to cultivate its students to become basic long-term caregivers who can provide client-centered and culturally sensitive care, equipped with skills to ensure the safety for elderly patients and clients.
The Graduate Institute of Long-term Care at Tzu Chi University of Technology adheres to an educational philosophy of "Professionalism, Humanities, Service, and Excellence" integrating cross-disciplinary courses that cover health promotion and long-term care services for all ages. According to this philosophy, as well as the objectives and development goals of cultivating specialists in professional practices and embodying the spirit of the humanities.