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Tzu Chi University Science and Technology


Mail Box


The personal information you fill in is used only as a suggestion mailbox and will not use for any other purpose, all processed according to capital law. Please fill in your real name, unfilled person will not accept.

If there is an urgent need, please contact us by phone,

The school’s number: (03) 8572158,

Admission business please dial Admissions sub-machine: 2728

Freshman registration related issues please dial Registration Section extension number: 2318

School fees related issues please dial Accounting Office extension number: 2322

Scholarships related issues please dial the Class Refers to the sub-machine: 2397

Dormitory and student life related issues please dial student auxiliary sub-machine: 2489

The university, in accordance with Section 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act, in forms of information when collecting your personal data:

  1. Agency (name): Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology.
  2. The purpose of collection: The purpose of collecting your personal data is to reflect the relevant matters for the school’s advice.
  3. The collection of personal data category: identification of the individual (C001) name, Email.
  4. Used period, region, object and method;
    1. Period of used of personal data: The period required for the purpose of personal data collection is the period of used.
    2. Region of used of personal data: Taiwan (including Penghu, Kinmen and Mazu)
    3. Object and method of personal data: The University will use your personal data during the above period to make various contacts and notices to you (phone, written)
  5. Rights and Interests of personal data: Your personal data in accordance with Section 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act. You may seek the right to request access, supplement, correction, copy and request to stop collecting, processing, utilization and request of the deletion. For the convenient, please talk over with the school’s Electronic Computer Center.
  6. When the School collects your personal data, if the fields are not actually filled in, it may affect the contact of the school affairs of both parties.


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