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Tzu Chi University Science and Technology



Department of Marketing and Distribution Management

Our goal is to cultivate and nourish both humane and professional talents in Marketing and Distribution Management. This program is designed to integrate humane essences with the emphasis on sincerity, integrity, faith and honesty. We offer a four-year program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. A student must complete a minimum of 128 credit units, of which 70 are obligatory. In addition to coursework in various areas of marketing, the students will be acquainted with basic business concepts and practices. The first-year courses include general coursework in social and human sciences. Guidance courses, such as Marketing Management, Distribution Management, Fundamentals of Accounting, and Business Law, are introduced during the second year of study. In the third and fourth years of study, we offer specialized courses, including Consumer Behavior, Market Survey, Customer Relationship Management, Retail-Service Management, Supply Chain Management, and Case Study.

Teaching Goals

  1. To cultivate and nourish both humane and professional talents in Marketing and Distribution Management.
  2. Students may enhance their professional competencies through the various internship programs incorporated with Tzu-Chi related organizations and domestic/local companies.
  3. Students may apply to attend the oversea internship and exchange program to experience multiple culture and extend global views.

Main Objectives

  1. Cultivating the humanities-oriented talents with solid knowledge in Marketing and Distribution Management.
  2. Fostering the practical capacity through the industry-oriented internship programs.
  3. Enhancing the knowledge specialized in tourism marketing, organic farming in the eastern Taiwan.
  4. Nourishing the business ethics and teamwork spirit as well as developing diversified and specialized competency.
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