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Tzu Chi University Science and Technology



Health Administration

Like all businesses, the health care-related businesses need excellent management and leadership to be successful. As a Health Care Administrator, you may manage a single department or an entire health care facility. To facilitate clinical professional services and make effective decisions, health care administrators must understand basic business principles, and demonstrate strong leadership. Entry-level professionals may be responsible for establishing and implementing the policies and objectives of a specific clinical area or department within a facility. They may be required to train and evaluate personnel, develop reports and budgets, and coordinate activities with other managers. With experience and an advanced degree, health care administrators may move into executive management positions in which they are responsible for facilities and equipment valued in the millions of dollars, as well as hundreds of employees.

Teaching Goals

  1. Cultivate students ability to construct practical projects and engage in analytical thinking.
  2. Cultivate students with expertise in medical administration and smart health management.
  3. Cultivate students international perspective and interdisciplinary expertise.
  4. Cultivate students practical ability in the medical and health industry.
  5. Cultivate students with humanistic literacy, love, and gratitude.

Main Objectives

  1. With a teaching philosophy focusing on professionalism and humanity, the university cultivates students with both professional skills and humanistic literacy.
  2. The university cultivates students with qualities of gratefulness, respect for life, and care for society.
  3. The department emphasizes life and character education. Specifically, we encourage students to respect their teachers, have filial piety, and be friendly to peers with appropriate etiquette. The goal is to inspire virtue among students and having a good conscience, thereby helping them live real, virtuous, and beautiful lives.
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