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Tzu Chi University Science and Technology


College of Health Technology and Management

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The College of Health Technology and Management was established on August 1st 2015. The college aims to nurture vocational undergraduate students for becoming interdisciplinary, managerial and administrative personnel equipped with ethical and earnest traits and global visions. To achieve educational objectives, cultivating students with specialized skills and multidisciplinary knowledge as well, the college provides students with academic systems and recourses for professional learning, practical training, and international student exchange programs. Importantly, becoming π-shaped professionals, the students can demonstrate excellent morality emphasized by enterprises and institutions through Chi-Tzu humanistic education.

To achieve expected perspectives, the college proposes following executive policies, 

  • Generalize Chi Tzu humanistic education.
  • Actuate and operate the interdisciplinary programs and learning families. 
  • Implement the counseling program of professional certification. 
  • Reinforce international exchange and overseas internship programs.
  • Create research platforms for industry-college collaboration projects. 
  • Encourage diversified and specialized curriculum design and teacher practical ability.
  • The college includes Health Administration and Management Department, Information Technology and Management Department, and Marketing and Distribution Management Department.