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Tzu Chi University Science and Technology


Holistic Education Center

About The Holistic Education Center

The Holistic Education Center is responsible for overall affairs relevant to general and holistic education at the university. Teachers in the center are divided into three academic sections: Natural Science, the Humanities and Social Science, and Physical Education.

Educational Objectives

In line with Tzu Chi’s culture of humanity, the Holistic Education Center is designed to guide students toward becoming wholesome individuals who lead lives of truth, goodness, and beauty through a broad education in the humanities and social science, science, physical education and other subjects in holistic education.


The areas of education and student development which the Holistic Education Center seeks to highlight are as follows:
1. The development of “Gratitude, Respect, and Love” as 
the core philosophy of holistic education classes.
2. The incorporation of the humanities, nature, society, and 
modern technology into holistic education classes.
3. Facilitating the teaching of aesthetic education.
4. Improving students’ English language skills.


For the curriculum, the Holistic Education Center offers a variety of courses of general and holistic education in terms of Natural Science, the Humanities and Social Science, and Physical Ed.

Courses provide diverse foundation and core courses

Specialized Core-Course Classrooms 
To ensure students’ academic achievement, the Holistic Education Center provides the following specialized classrooms:
Art and Calligraphy Classroom, Flower Arrangement Classroom, Tea Ceremony Classroom, Meditation Classroom, Culture Classroom, Chinese Literature Classroom, Aesthetic Education Room, South Audio and Visual Laboratory, Center for Language Education, Self-Access Learning Center, Culture Corner, Reading Room, and Language Studio.

 Performance by Yerko Lorca and Kuan Yin International Duo Band

Yerko Lorca & Kuan Yin
International Duo Band performance

    Students have tea together

A group of young adults participate in the art of the tea ceremony.

 The students are working hard to use their creativity to create their own flower arrangements

Flower arrangement is a popular class at Tzu Chi.