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Nursing Department

Crowning Ceremony of the Department of Nursing at Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology

About Nursing Department

The Department of Nursing was founded in 1989, and offers different curriculums of nursing education, which comprise: the Five-Year Junior College of Nursing, the Two-Year Senior College of Nursing and the Four-Year Program for Bachelor of Nursing. The Five-Year Junior College of Nursing students receive training in the fundamental nursing care skills that required for all nursing professionals, and are eligible to take the national RN licensing exam upon graduation. The Two-Year Senior College of Nursing program is designed for students with training in the Five-Year Junior College of Nursing program, who desire to undertake an advanced nursing education to obtain a bachelor of nursing degree. We recruit students from both general and vocational high schools for the Four-Year Program and provide four-year bachelor of nursing program. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program emphasizes critical thinking and evidence-based nursing practices. Our overall goal is to prepare students to be humanity-oriented nursing professionals who integrate a spirit of loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity in their nursing practices.