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Tzu Chi University Science and Technology


Office of Accounting

Project Goals

1)    Goals

To reach the general goal of the school’s development and support administration and academics, the Accounting Office implements the integrated management of the school’s resources and finance, effectively and reasonably operates school’s fund, conscientiously and carefully controls budget and analyzes accounting information, fully utilizes limited resources, enhances the quality of educations, accelerates the school’s comprehensive development for school’s sustainable management.

2)    Objectives

1) Maintaining the operation of general administrative affairs

2) Enhancing the control and auditing of various projects

3) Coordinating with school’s direction to achieving teaching and research excellence

4) Focusing on the school’s features and educational goals

5) Featuring an administrative management culture that takes into account both human nature and services

6) Continuing to conform to the accounting system and operation of  Tzu   Chi   University

Mission Statement of the Accounting Office

The Accounting Office performs duties related to accounting based on the school’s development plan and the budget of annual income and expenditure.

Service Duties

1. Planning and allocating annual budget, and preparing annual budget reports.

2. Preparing reports of budget implementation and allocation.

3. Verifying receipts, payments and related original vouchers.

4. Recording vouchers, and managing accounting books and accounts.

5. Preparing and explaining all accounting reports.

6. Keeping and organizing accounts, accounting reports and vouchers.

7. Reviewing withheld taxes.

8. Dealing with advances and receipts under custody.

9. Analyzing cost of all sections.

10. Engaging an accountant to audit accounting work egularly.

11. Assisting the Budget Auditing Committee with auditing affairs.

12. Preparing accounting reports and statistical tables, and reporting them to the Ministry of Education.

13. Organizing the ledger of the subsidy account from the Ministry of Education.

14. Undertaking internal review.