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Tzu Chi University Science and Technology


Office of Humanities

In 1991, the Office of Humanities was officially established, and is considered to be the first of its kind. The spirit of humanities is the basis of social harmony. Chinese tradition upholds the spirit of kindness amongst people, and the best way to express loving-kindness is to relieve people from their suffering, and help them when they are in need.

Master Cheng Yen, founder of the school, once said, “Good doctors are living Buddhas, and good nurses are Bodhisattvas.” Medical personnel must practice loving kindness, and always attend to patients’ needs. The school was first founded as a Nursing College in 1989, with aim to empower students with Tzu Chi humanities spirit,

About The Office of Humanities

Tzu Chi humanities spirit is meant to inspire students to do good deeds, and to dedicate themselves to the community. The office consists of Edu-cultural Section and Yide Section. 
While The Edu-cultural section conducts educational and cultural activities for both teachers and students, Yide section offers volunteer services to students, and jointly organizes class activities with Ci-cheng Fathers and the Yide Mothers, who are volunteers.

Our Aims

Humanities education is affectionate by nature. It emphasizes on role modeling -- teachers and Tzu Chi volunteers inspire students by example. The Office of Humanities strives to care for the students’ well being. Our aims are to aspire students to the importance of humanities as they learn to give and share, and widen their perspective in life while servicing others.

Students Stage Performances

Students Stage Performances

Students play stage drama for children in Malaysia

Students play stage drama for children in Malaysia