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Tzu Chi University Science and Technology


Information System Center

The Development Goals of Information System Center

Information System Center, on the concept of service, is to provide a wide range of information service for the staffs and students. The main development goals are to improve the necessary resource and service for teaching and research, fulfill the computerization of administrative affairs, enrich the information about campus, and establish information society education model.


The missions of Information System Center are as the following:

  1. Improving the teaching resource in computer classroom and information facilities of the campus.
  2. Promoting the staffs and students’ basic ability of IT by providing the regular computer training courses.
  3. Promoting the acquisition of IT license and the counseling of IT license test.
  4. Promoting the performance of teaching and administration.
  5. Upgrading the bandwidth of the network, constructing the wireless network step by step and Improving the quality of teaching and research.
  6. Developing distance learning and multimedia video teaching.
  7. Promoting the RFID Service living circle and giving impetus to APS demo application.
  8. Developing the school information system and improving the efficiency of administration management.
  9. Strengthening the mechanism of anti-intrusion and anti-spam.
  10. Enhancing the education and advocacy of information ethics.

Working Directions and emphasis of Information System Center

The Information System Center aims to offer and provide the services as the following:

  1. Enhancing the infrastructure and environment for information education.
  2. Enhancing and promoting information education and popularizing the rate of information usage, upgrading the campus information culture.
  3. Improving the equipment and environment for research and administration.
  4. With technological development, enhancing the campus network performance, replacement of old obsolete equipment, the maintenance of advanced information environment.
  5. Developing the environment of distance teaching, supporting the staff a corner where staff can share the information.
  6. Strengthening the School Information Systems to integrate specifically tailored personal and job–related knowledge management system.
  7. Continuing to give impetus to computerization of the administrative affair.
  8. Setting up the security system of campus network.
  9. Promoting legal software application and enhancing the education of information ethics.


The Information System Center is established for enhancement in computerization of administrative and campus network system, and the assistance of teaching and school affairs.And “the setting up rules of Tzu chi technology of Information System Center” is made on June 5, 2006.On July 7, 2000, according to the school affairs conference’s decision, the Center was placed under direct supervision of the University President.

There are one head director and three divisions in the Information System Center.For the promotion of the Information System Center’s affair, the university president hires the assistant professor to be in charge of the related IT and electronic communication support about teaching, research, and administrative affair.

The Information System Center is divided by function, into the software design division, systems and network management division, and education training division; each division sets the leader of division and some staff members. Responsibilities of each division are as follow:

1.System Design Division

The system design division offers the service as the following:

  • Planning the development and related issue of the computerization of school administrative affair,
  • Analyzing, developing, testing, instructing, maintaining and consulting service about school information system,
  • Purchasing and maintaining of the school information system,
  • Updating and maintaining of the school information system server,
  • Integrating, adjusting, backing up and maintaining the databases for school information system,
  • Managing school information security system,
  • Assisting the development of school information system and related software.

2.System and Network Management Division

The system and network management division provides the service of,

  1. Designing the architecture of campus network and construct environment for teaching, research and administrative affairs.
  2. Providing the WWW and Internet services for the school’s staff and students.
  3. Offering problem solving and technical support service for the hardware and software of computers in campus.
  4. Providing consulting and maintaining service about the hardware and software problem in computer and campus network.
  5. Constructing, updating and maintaining for campus and dormitory network.
  6. Supporting for the network infrastructure of school information system.
  7. Purchasing and setting up network system for other unit in school.
  8. Evaluating the purchase specification for IT-related facility.
  9. Managing of IT facility security,
  10. And assisting other affairs about school information management.

3.Education Training Division

The education training division aims to provide service as the following:

  1. Maintaining and managing of homepage.
  2. Maintaining and managing of computer classrooms.
  3. Managing the administrative affairs about Information System Center.
  4. Opening IT and source software training program for teacher and staff.
  5. Offering service to help students get IT-relate skill certified license.
  6. Conducting computer-related contest, academic seminars and other related matters.
  7. Promoting the training about information security.
  8. Other related informatics educational training about school affairs.