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Tzu Chi University Science and Technology


Office of Student Affairs

About Office of Student Affairs

Organizational and Professional Responsibilities

I.Professional Responsibilities of the Student Assistance Division

1.Organize Student Affairs Committee meetings.

2.Promote education regarding the democratic rule of law and student safety.

3.Provide protection, earthquake evacuation, and other training to students.

4.Evaluate student conduct.

5.Manage lost and found items.

6.Register and manage all student information.

7.Lead and direct the raising and lowering of flags, assembly, and activities.

8.Guide and assess the organization and neatness of public sites.

9.Provide nutrition advice to students.

10.Manage students’ leave requests.

11.Register and tabulate student leave requests.

12.Guide and assess student labor and other services.

13.Offer life guidance for new students.

14.Provide off-campus life counseling for students.

15.Calculate students’ conduct grades according to statistics.

16.Manage student rewards and punishment.

17.Manage and offer guidance regarding student residency and housing.

18.Supervise major assemblies and student attendance inspections.

19.Implement air raid evacuation procedures and shelters.

20.Regulate and manage student wardens’ counseling responsibilities.

21.Provide emergency assistance and contact in the event of accidental injury or disasters.

22.Manage student dormitory allocations.

23.Select work-study students and manage work allocations and assessments.

24.Supervise environmental cleanliness and maintenance.

25.Accompany students attending external meetings.

26.Register and manage student record cards.

27.Contact students’ families.

28.Promote traffic safety.

29.Manage tasks related to life guidance and other affairs.

II.Professional Responsibilities of the Military Training Office

1.Provide life guidance to students and promote dormitory safety activities.

2.Answer queries related to military training instructors and student military service.

3.Manage military training, education, facilities, and reserve officer examinations.

4.Provide military logistics and budgeting training.

III.Professional Responsibilities of the Extracurricular Activities Division

1.Manage affairs related to student associations, student unions, equipment, and sites.

2.Implement a tutorial system.

3.Provide recommendations for excellentstudent.

4.Manage scholarship and financial assistance applications.

5.Promote the student volunteer service and provide commendations.

6.Manage other affairs of extracurricular activities and related units.

IV.Professional Responsibilities of the Physical Education Division

1.Organize regular physical education meetings.

2.Manage the physical education curriculum.

3.Organize physical education activities and collect data.

4.Conduct school team training, management, and related affairs.

5.Manage the use and borrowing of sports venues and equipment.

6.Supervise the allocation of the annual physical education budget.

7.Collect and report other physical education data.

V.Professional Responsibilities of the Student Counseling Center

1.Promote awareness of available mental health services.

2.Offer counseling services.

3.Organize regular Counseling Committee meetings.

4.According to the “Northern Colleges Counseling Coordination Advisory Center Plan,” attend or host related activities.

5.Provide regular counseling training for teachers.

6.Implement a colleague counseling system.

7.Provide career guidance for students.

8.Provide counseling for students with disabilities.

9.Provide counseling for foreign students (including students from China).

10.Manage other related or provisional projects.

VI.Professional Responsibilities of the Health Care Division

1.Organize regular school health meetings to discuss policy.

2.Supervise the cleaning and inspection of the school environment.

3.Organize regular community activities for the Department of Nursing and the Hualien Blood Center.

4.Host regular personal health and environmental education activities.

5.Provide medical and health services within the school.

6.Manage group insurance and emergency medical services for student activities.

VII.Professional Responsibilities of the Indigenous People Affairs Division

1.Implement projects outlined in the Ministry of Education’s “Plan for the Development and Improvement of Vocational Education for Indigenous People.”

2.Provide assistance to Ministry of Education, and the Council of Indigenous Peoples, Executive Yuan.

3.Organize teacher training in core vocational areas for indigenous people.

4.Host indigenous culture experience camps and tribal experience visits.

5.Hold multiethnic cultural seminars.

6.Organize indigenous culture and art activities.

7.Host indigenous exhibitions and guided tours.

8.Manage and maintain cultural artifacts and increase the collections in indigenous museums.

9.Provide study and life assistance for indigenous students.

10.Manage scholarship applications and evaluation for indigenous students.