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Tzu Chi University Science and Technology


School Buildings and Teaching Facilities

School Buildings and Teaching Facilities

School Land and Address

The school is located at the bottom of Jianguo Road in Hualien City. The campus is vast, surrounded by mountains and the sea, trees and grass, fresh air, beautiful scenery, and well-planned teaching equipment. It is a good environment to stay away from the bustling city and study with full concentration.

  • School land: The school has 18•793 hectares of land..
  • School address: No. 880, Section 2 Jianguo Road, Hualien City.
  • Dormitory address:
    • Zhizhen Building: No. 405, Section 2 Jianguo Road, Ji'an Township.
    • Zhishan Building: No. 407, Section 2 Jianguo Road, Ji'an Township.
    • Zhimei Building: No. 409, Section 2 Jianguo Road, Ji'an Township.

Administration Building

The school currently has a five building. In addition to providing administrative units, it also has health center, multi-functional E-classroom, meeting room, chemistry laboratory, nutrition laboratory, Buddhist hall, billiard room, Dance classroom, Chinese language center (including language corner, self-study area, etc.).

Teaching Building

There are around 150 teacher research rooms, auditorium, lecture hall, exhibition classrooms, integrated research rooms, audio-visual room with around 170 seats, etc. Besides the department offices and general classrooms, our school building are also professional classrooms for each department.

Department of Nursing has nursing audiovisual classrooms, women’s health care center, nursing laboratory, pediatric and obstetric laboratory, health assessment laboratory, medicine and surgery laboratory, comprehensive simulation classroom, clinical simulation teaching classroom, clinical simulation nursing technology classroom, integrative nursing of Chinese and Western medicine, etc.

Department of Medical Imaging and Radiology has radiology and imaging technology laboratory, radiation safety laboratory, radiotherapy laboratory, mammography laboratory, ultrasound laboratory, nuclear medicine laboratory, medical imaging laboratory, general physics laboratory, etc.

Department of Medical Management has medical management simulation classroom, interactive teaching classroom, professional health and welfare classroom, health management practice center, physical fitness center, health management information room, health management discussion room, etc.

Department of Marketing and Communication Management has marketing and circulation practice classroom, professional license study classroom, briefing and communication study classroom, case teaching seminar room, special seminars, and chain circulation simulation classroom, etc.

Department of Information Technology and Management has interactive multimedia creation center, network security laboratory, enterprise electronic laboratory, digital media laboratory, virtual reality and multimedia laboratory, mobile application and service laboratory, cloud creative design center, etc.

The Holistic Education Center has Liberal Arts classroom, chemistry laboratory, biology laboratory, ikebana classroom, tea ceremony classroom, an interactive research room, calligraphy and painting classroom, Chinese culture classroom, physiology laboratory, anatomy classroom, etc.

Sports Facilities

The school sports ground is equipped with a 200-meter PU artificial running track, volleyball court, softball field, basketball court, tennis court, dance classroom, table tennis room, weight training room, billiard table. In addition, there are a number of sports equipment for students to use. The swimming pool, gym, and comprehensive sports management are shared with the Tzu Chi University School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Student Dormitory

  1. There are three student dormitories, two for girls (Zhizhen Building and Zhishan Building), and one for boys (Zhimei Building) with around 2500 beds. There are four beds for one room, complete facilities and a good living environment.
  2. There is a student restaurant near the dormitory area which provides vegetarian meals and buffet meals. There are also a singing room in the basement, a group activity room, a club office and Daxi Plaza.


  • Library collection resources: 303,500 books, 31,600 audio-visual materials, 22,500 e-books, 26,000 periodicals (including electronic), more than 1,250 microforms, 10,400 bound periodicals, 150 online databases. total collection about 395,000 pieces.
  • Library facilities: Wi-Fi is installed on every floor in the library, with complete equipment and rich collections; the total area is 7563.96 square meters, with a search area, newspaper area, art area, Tzu Chi library area, aboriginal special collection area, Window of the world, computer data area, audio-visual area, group audio-visual room, information teaching room, teacher research room, E-classroom, group discussion room, computer data area. There are 600 seats for reading, 50 seats for computers, and 30 seats for the audio-visual area.
  • Advisory service references:
    1. Instruction to use collection resources and equipment and assist in answering questions.
    2. Guide interlibrary cooperation business and assist in applying for various resource consulting services.
    3. Guide the use of electronic resources and assist in opening various courses on the use of databases.
  • Other services: There are photocopy machines, printer machines, and scanners.
  • Opening hours:
    • Opening hours during the semester: 85.5 hours a week
      Monday to Friday : 7:30-21:00
      Saturdays and Sundays : 9:00-18:00
      Closed on national holidays and consecutive holidays
    • Opening hours during winter and summer vacations: 50 hours a week
      Monday to Friday : 8:00-18:00
      Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and consecutive holidays

Electronic Computer Center

The school has built a digital campus to provide high-quality teaching and academic research environments for the entire school's faculty and students, as well as a convenient school administrative information system. It also continuously improves the construction of campus information technology, integrates and improves related information resources, and enhances the quality of e-services.

In the classroom, the school has set up a line network information connection, a digital desk and a single-shot projector in each classroom to support the digital teaching of the course. In addition, a multimedia teaching material production room has been built. The space equipment includes a digital studio and multimedia post-production equipment for teachers to produce digital teaching materials to increase the quantity and quality of digital teaching materials. In addition, the school has five computer classrooms and introduces the EVO Cloud non-hard disk system to facilitate coordination with various departments. Related courses, build software requirements for each classroom. In addition, the information equipment of the five computer classrooms all meet and pass the professional certification MOS and TQC certification site certification.

Our campus network provides external bandwidth with TANET Internet 1Gbps network connection. The internal network is all connected to each building in the school by optical fiber. Network connection equipment has been installed in the building space and the backbone of each campus building The network has been fully upgraded to Giga bps network architecture for teaching, research, and school administration for all teachers, staff and students. For the wireless network, 173 AP wireless network access devices have been set up to support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac and other standards. The transmission speed can reach 867Mbps. At the same time, TANet Roaming and eduroam roaming services are added to satisfy faculty members. In addition, the school has also introduced the IPV6 protocol to enable the campus and dormitory areas to have the ability to connect to IPV6.

The school introduces VM virtualization technology to provide virtual hosting services to assist teachers in teaching, research and business use to effectively use server resources. It also builds a cloud virtual desktop software SoftCloud, which allows the school to license a small amount of software ( Such as SPSS software, Visio software and Adobe series software) effectively integrate, allowing multiple users to use the service regardless of time, place and equipment. In addition, a cloud computer classroom system is also built to provide students with installation and Operate in different working environments and use different office application software, so that students can use different versions of information basic ability testing system for practice.

The school provides two types of email systems, Mail2000 and Gmail, as well as advertising letter blocking services. Mail2000 is for faculty and staff official use. The introduction of Google Apps provides a lifetime effective email service. In addition, it also provides 10TB of Google Drive cloud disk space. In order to meet the needs of mobile teaching, our school provides e-Learning platform to build online course materials, and introduces relevant mobile learning modules that supports Android and iOS platforms, provides students with a more diversified learning environment.

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