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Information Technology and Management Department


Virtual Reality


The aim of the Department of Information Technology and Management is to cultivate the development of highly skilled professionals who are ethical, innovative, and practical-minded. The curriculum is designed to provide students with both theoretical and practical expertise. 
With a multi-dimensional development concept, the DITM sets up "Multimedia Design" and "Cloud Applications" modules, including App development, cloud applications, big data, interactive multimedia, VR, AR and "new media". We also encourage our students to pursue a second specialty in information technology, and aid them in the development of their professional ethics and teamwork skills with the support of other Tzu Chi affiliates. This combination of skills and training make our students highly competitive in the current job market.
After graduation, students can work in the industries of interactive multimedia design, VR, AR, user experience design, UAV applications, APP development, cloud network and medical care fields.