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Research and International Development Center International Academia and Exchange

Organization and Goal


The goal of Research and Development Center is to promote excellent academic research, greater industrial-academic cooperation, and progress towards the shared goal of internationalization. In accordance with organizational hierarchies, the Research and Development Center has the Academic Service Section and the International Academia and Industrial- Academic Cooperation Section.


A. Academic Service Section

To "service and create an academic research atmosphere for the faculty"

   I. Research Project Management

      1. Intramural research grants and incentive plans

      2. National Science Council (NSC) Operation

   II. Academic Service

      1. Enhance the academic atmosphere

      2. To cultivate students’ research ability

      3. To provide academic consultation and related services

   III. Established Regulations and Guidelines

      1. Teacher Research Project Grant and Conference Presentation Reimbursement Regulations

      2. Teacher Research Outcome Incentives Regulations

      3. Research Part- Time Workers Guidelines

      4. Teachers Academic Evaluation Regulations

      5. Teacher Academic Enhancement Regulations

      6. Academic Advisory and Industrial-Academic Projects Panel Set- Up Regulations


B. International Academia and Industrial-Academic Cooperation Section

To "service and create the cooperative atmosphere between the faculty and other countries and the faculty and industries”

   I. International Academia

     1. Ministry of Education Projects

     2. International Exchange Affairs

   II. Industrial-Academic Cooperation

     1. Industrial-academic cooperation projects and incentive plans

     2. The government agency bid case

   III. Established Rules

     1. International Academic Cooperation and Exchange Agreement

     2. International Academic Cooperation and Exchange Financial Support Regulations

     3. Industrial-Academic Cooperation Implementation Regulations


International Academia and Exchange

International academic cooperation and exchange has been the driving force in the schools of Taiwan. To fulfill the goal of enhancing educational exchange worldwide, our team actively promotes international academic cooperation and exchange programs. We hope that through our service and efforts, the university and faculty will gain a higher international status in academia, and the faculty and students will expand their global views.The number of international academia and exchange from 2007-2008 lists below.

2007.8-2010.7:19 Ministsy of Education supported projects.

2007.8-2010.7,7:27 international exchanges.

2007.8-2010.7,7:6 MOUs.


2010 Signed MOU with Chuialongkorn University,Thailand

2009 QUT Students’ Visit to TCCT