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Office of Academic Affairs

The main purpose of the Office of Academic Affairs is to serve our faculties and students, and also enhance students' learning environment and teaching quality. The Office of Academic Affairs is mainly responsible for the educational administrative affairs of the school which comprise the Registration Section, Curriculum Section, Publications Section, and Faculty Development Center. In order to improve the teaching quality and enhance the international competitiveness, the Office of Academic Affairs is also planning and managing the academic projects from Ministry of Education. Furthermore, the office is actively promoting e-administrative system recently which will redoubling improve the learning quality and administrative efficiency to both faculties and students.

[ 2016-02-26 ] Registration Division
[ 2016-02-26 ] Recruitment Division
[ 2016-02-26 ] Publications Division
[ 2016-02-26 ] Curriculum Division
[ 2016-02-26 ] Organization
[ 2016-02-22 ] Dean of Academic Affairs