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  • 慈濟科技大學簡介


    Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology is worth a visit. 
    Simply spend 15 minutes watching this video clip to see how we care for our students wellbeing as well as ease their parents’ minds.
    Whoever pays a visit to our school feels it is really awesome. 

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In Taiwan, nursing students from Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology traveled to Lidao Tribal Village in Taitung County to hold weekend classes. Despite the long distances, the volunteers cherish the chance to help these disadvantaged children. One nursing student remarked that the main purpose of the class is not teaching the curriculum, but accompanying these children. Let's join them there.




At the Kaohsiung Jing Si Hall, a staff member from the Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, was invited to talk about parenting. From parent-child relationships to child development, she helped answered many parents questions.



The Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, recently hosted the Generation Unlimited Gala. Students took turns to perform aboriginal songs, Nepalese dances, traditional Malay dances and children's plays that promotes environmental protection. They also shared their United Nation's Internship experiences, highlighting the Sustaniable Developmental Goals (SDGs). It was a night that demonstrated both the confidence and vitality of the youth generation. The hope lies within the youth. So, to all young audience members around the world. Believe in yourself, be motivated, be creative, because each individual has unlimited potential! Thank you for watching! See you next time! 

慈濟科技大學舉辦,零極限世代-青年創造未來 人文晚會,學生輪番上台演出原住民歌曲、尼泊爾舞蹈、馬來傳統舞蹈和環保兒童劇。也分享在聯合國實習經驗中,對永續發展目標(SDGs)的啟蒙和認知,展現年輕人的自信和活力。因此,全球的年輕人,相信你自己動起來,發揮創造力,因為大家潛力無窮。

To encourage children to embrace reading, a cultural and educational development association in Hualien collaborated with Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology to found a book house. Recently the book house officially opened.