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  • 慈濟科技大學簡介


    Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology is worth a visit. 
    Simply spend 15 minutes watching this video clip to see how we care for our students wellbeing as well as ease their parents’ minds.
    Whoever pays a visit to our school feels it is really awesome. 

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    Japanese Version

    Korean version

Back in 2010, Tzu Chi Foundation was given an NGO’s Special Consultative Status from the UN’s Economic and Social Council. This year Tzu Chi’s Education Mission held its first UN internship project and selected three students from Tzu Chi University and Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology to learn along side US Tzu Chi volunteers, as they attend meetings at the United Nations. 



Student ambassadors of Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology recently visited Australia’s Melbourne to perform their children’s drama, the Five-colored Deer King, for students. The performance left the audience in awe, as they learned lessons of how best to protect all life on Earth. We will leave you with these images at the end of our program, thank you for joining us. Goodbye. 


Summer is often the time for Tzu Chi students from Taiwan to travel to Malaysia to learn about different cultures. Students from Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology went to a Malaysian culture village in Johor Bahru to experience how the native Malays conduct their daily lives, and the charms of Indian culture. 


Students from Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology have traveled to Langkawi, Malaysia, to put on a play for children. This is the second time TCUST is putting on a performance there and local entrepreneurs have provided the venue and equipment. Among the performers, some of them are born in Langkawi, and therefore they feel very touched to be performing in their hometown.