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  • 慈濟科技大學簡介


    Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology is worth a visit. 
    Simply spend 15 minutes watching this video clip to see how we care for our students wellbeing as well as ease their parents’ minds.
    Whoever pays a visit to our school feels it is really awesome. 

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Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology has developed many products that use bioactive fiber extracted from quinoa. Meanwhile, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital’s research team has developed a new drug to help patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease. These two inventions have won the 14th Innovation in Taiwan Awards. 


TIMA Eastern Taiwan Chapter conducts free clinics twice a year in Taitung’s Taimali. This time, the clinic included doctors specializing in TCM, ophthalmology and orthopedics. In addition, students from Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology came to offer their support and learn from older students about how to interact with the indigenous people who live here. 

慈濟東區人醫會,每年兩度來到,台東太麻里舉辦義診,這次包含中醫 眼科 骨科等醫師出動,還有慈濟科技大學的學生,一起提前來,跟學長姐學習,也走進部落和民眾互動。 

In Tzu Chi’s educational system, for every 10 students, there are three Tzu Chi volunteers who become these students’ guardians, which the organization refers to as Tzu Cheng Fathers and Yide Mothers. Each month the Yide parents will visit the students to spend some time with them. In TCUST there is one particular Yide Mother that is known as Mother Dougan, as she will always bring marinated pressed tofu for the kids to eat when she visits Hualien. She looks after each kid like they are her own children. 

慈濟的教育志業,每十位學生就有三位志工,擔任慈誠爸爸與懿德媽媽,每個月定期到學校陪伴,在慈濟科技大學,有一位懿德媽媽 鄭錦恕,被稱為豆乾媽, 

Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology is aware that that some of its students could not obtain the scooter’s license because they have not reached the age of 18. Thus it is inconvenient for them to go to Tzu Chi Hospital for their clinical practicum. Therefore, the university provides a school bus service. The bus driver Lai Mingren has been driving school bus for 20 years, and he is appreciated by many students. Let’s take a look.